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Louise's story

“The Carers’ Centre is so important, it's like a lifeline to so many people."

“The Carers’ Centre is so important, it's like a lifeline to so many people. If that was taken away, I think it would have a really big impact on people's lives.”

As a carer it can feel overwhelming to look for support or know where to turn. However, accessing the support that you are entitled to can help ease the pressure of caring – even for just a short period of time.

Louise* shared her story about how The Cares’ Centre has supported her since she gave up her job to care full time for her two children who have special educational needs.

“Voices recommended contacting The Carers’ Centre for information and advice, but also for support for me in being a parent carer and having two children with special educational needs.”

Since registering, Louise has joined several of our activities for carers, including a nutrition course.

“I got to meet other carers, but also it was just some time out for me to do something for myself. It was really mindful and lots of information that I learned was really helpful to me as a carer. There’s little things I do now, like making sure I drink more water, try to eat healthily, and take more exercise when I can, even if it is the bare minimum. I know it’s really important to stay healthy when you’re caring for other people, because when you’re unwell, there’s no one to look after them. It’s made me realise that I need to pay attention to myself too.”

“Unless you’re in this situation yourself, it’s so, so hard to imagine what it’s like and understand that your life literally revolves around caring for other people. But if you have something that you can look forward to where you can meet other carers and feel like you’re listened to, supported, and understood, then I think that just really helps your mental wellbeing and your health.”

“With the activities, you’re actually doing something completely different and you’re talking to other people. You’re doing activities that are good for you. I’ve done things that I’ve never done before. It was just lovely to have the benefit of doing something that is going to be really calming that’s going to help you relax.”

Louise also contacted our Support Line for help and advice. Anne, our Support Officer, helped her secure funding for a short break during the summer for her and her children. As her children experience high anxiety, it can prevent them from accessing many things, but for Louise it was fantastic that she was able to take them away.

“It was just a really nice break for them and for me to be able to do something different. It was amazing to get support from The Carers’ Centre because otherwise I don't know how I would have managed to do that.”

Louise had her own advice to others about the value of reaching out for help from The Carers’ Centre:

“I think it's normal to feel unsure about reaching out and contacting people that you haven't spoken to before, that you don't really know you and don't really know your situation. I know from personal experience that it can make a really big difference and have a positive impact on wellbeing. It can help them to meet new people, make new friends who are in a similar situation, so you don't feel so isolated. I think that can have a massively positive impact on your life and make you feel that you are doing something that is incredible, which is caring for somebody else.”

*To protect the identity of the carer we have anonymised them in this story.


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