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Calm your mind with meditation

Take a deep breath and relax...

If you look after someone, it can feel like your head is swirling with a whole mix of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

At times it can all get a bit too much, and you may feel overwhelmed. But it’s important to make sure that you can clear your mind and make yourself feel calmer. Meditation can help you unscramble your mind, be in the moment and ease your anxiety.

If you’re feeling like you need a break, have a go at this meditation activity.

What you need

  • A comfy space
  • Meditation audio track (see below)
  • Headphones (these are optional!)
  • Yourself

What to do

Preparation is key

Watch our video above which will let you know how to prepare your meditation session.

Get comfy

This may be the sofa, a cosy chair or tucked up with a snuggly blanket - wherever you feel the comfiest.

Start your meditation!

Play the audio track below (either out loud or through headphones) and begin relaxing!

Listen to our meditation audio track here...

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