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Create your own calm down jar

You got this!

Looking after a parent, sibling, friend or someone else can be a lot to take on and it can come with a mix of feelings and emotions.

Sometimes you will feel happy and joyful. Other times you can feel sad seeing that person in pain or you might worry about the future. One day you can feel full of energy and ready for anything, and other days you might want to hide under our blanket because you feel overwhelmed.

Next time you are feeling a mix of emotions and want them to settle, try this calming activity.

What you need

  • A plastic bottle or jar
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Clear PVA glue

What to do

Fill it up!

Fill your bottle or jar with water to about three quarters.

Squeeze in a splodge of glue

The more glue you add the slower the glitter swirls in your calm down jar, so keep checking and adding more if you need.

The messy bit!

Add a few spoonfuls of your three favourite colours of glitter. Make sure you add the glitter a little bit at a time!

And finally...

Shake it up - make sure the lid is on tight!

Much like your big feelings, the glitter swirls around and eventually settles down. Take some time to breathe whilst you’re watching this happen, it will help you feel calmer and more in control.

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