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Becca's story

Many young carers can feel lonely and isolated in their caring role, this has been especially evident as a result of the pandemic. Becca tells us how loneliness can impact young carers.

Becca's story

Caring for someone else is an amazing thing do to, but it can a lot to take on, especially for a young person.

One of the many challenges often faced by young carers is the feeling of loneliness. It can be difficult for young carers to talk about life at home because they worry about what others may think of them. It can also be hard to find the time to do things other children their age do, like spending time with their friends after school.

A Carers Trust survey in 2022 revealed that at least a third of young carers said their caring role resulted in them either 'always' or 'usually' feeling 'worried' (36%), 'lonely' (33%) or 'stressed' (42%)'.

"Loneliness for a young carer is thinking you are the only one like you and none of your friends will understand. You feel like you’re trapped in a box."

In this short video, young carer Becca speaks about how loneliness impacted her and why she relishes spending time with others.

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