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Coming together for change - Carers Week 2023

Carers Week (5 – 11 June) is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of unpaid care in the UK and shine a light on the huge contribution unpaid carers make, not only to their loved ones but to our society and communities.

Carers Week also helps us to come together to help those who don’t think of themselves as carers identify their caring responsibilities and access much-needed support.

"Initially it doesn’t have an impact, because you don’t realise you’re doing it. It’s what anyone would do for a daughter, very close friend or partner. But then you realise it’s difficult.”

Margaret, unpaid carer

A recent report from Carers Week found that 73% of people in the UK who are providing, or have provided, unpaid care in their lifetime - roughly 19 million people have not identified themselves as a carer.*

Alongside these huge numbers, the report also revealed that eight million (31%) of people in the UK with experience of providing care have seen their health and wellbeing suffer.*

Just from these findings alone, it demonstrates the need for the government to take action

Join us in supporting the Carers Week call for greater cross-government action to ensure unpaid carers are identified and better supported. 

"You do it out of a sense of duty. It took me months and months to recognise that I was a carer.”

Margaret, unpaid carer

Jacqui Orchard, CEO at The Carers' Centre says:

"Becoming an unpaid carer can happen to any one of us, with an estimated 1 in 5 people currently giving unpaid support or care to someone.*

But as Margaret tells us, it's challenging to recognise your own caring role. At The Carers’ Centre, we have seen people wait years, even decades before they reach out for support themselves.

Letting the responsibility sit with carers alone does not work, a whole system approach needs to happen. Many carers are being pushed below the poverty line, experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing, and are frankly, past breaking point.

All areas of our society must come together to ensure unpaid carers do not end up in crisis. Stand with us this Carers Week, write to your MP to call for action.”

*Carers Week Report 2023. View the full report here: Carers Week Report 2023 - Report on unpaid carer identification

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