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What does it mean to be a young carer?

Lots of different situations can mean a young person is a carer and they can have all kinds of responsibilities at home.

Young carers all know what it feels like to care for another person. They understand that caring can sometimes make their life more difficult and affect their feelings. It can also bring a great sense of achievement and reward.

Young carers could be looking after a mum or dad, brother or sister or even a grandparent who is ill, frail, has a disability or problem with their mental health. They could also be looking after someone who has a drug or alcohol problem.

Being a young carer means helping a member of the family with things they can’t manage, like washing and dressing, cleaning, shopping and cooking. It can mean looking after money and paying bills, giving medicine at the right time and making sure the person they care for is OK.

Sometimes young carers may need to listen or be on hand to help if the person they look after feels unhappy or has problems with their emotions.

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