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Young Carer self referral form

Are you a child or young adult looking after someone in your family who is ill, frail, disabled; perhaps has problems with their mental health or with drugs or alcohol? If you are, then the Carersí Centre can help you.

Check out if you are a young carer

Does someone at home have an illness or disability?
Does someone at home need your help to do things that they canít manage?
If someone at home is feeling sad or depressed, do you listen to them and try to help?
Do you look after brothers and sisters when someone at home isnít feeling up to it?
Do you worry about someone at home when you are at school, college or work?

If youíve answered yes to any of these questions then you could be a young carer.

Your details

Are you a boy or girl?
Do you have a disability?

Referral details

Please use this space to provide as much information about your caring role. To help you here are a couple of questions for you to consider: