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Are you aged between 5 and 25?

You Can Make A Difference

Thanks to the tireless work of our staff and volunteers, we have been able to significantly increase the number of carers we support and empower locally.

In the last financial year, the telephone support team has provided a listening ear to more than 1,500 people in need, and we’ve enabled over 500 people to take a break from their responsibilities.

Our Young Carers Service, which works with carers aged 5 to 25, connected with over 400 young carers and ensured that 160 of them took a break with us.

The Centres' free counselling service provided over 360 hours of counselling to carers in need. 

2013-14 also saw a massive 15,200 miles driven to deliver carers to breaks and appointments.

This work and more was made possible by the support we receive from our community. We'd like to say thank you!