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Volunteer Week Recognises Hard Work

Volunteers enjoy a free fish & chip lunch in honour of their work

The Carers’ Centre is celebrating National Volunteer Week (1 – 7 June) this month to recognise the hard work of volunteers at the Centre and more widely across the charity sector.

We've has supported local families caring for someone with illness or disability since 1996 and we now support a community of 4,000 local carers. We can only do so with the help of just under 100 volunteers, many of whom are or were carers.

Margaret Briggs, a carer for her husband and a volunteer at the centre, says it’s all about finding the balance.

“Looking after someone does require a balance of trying to get life back on an even keel. I’ve had help from the centre so I want to put back into it while I can – as I know I won’t be able to forever!

“[My husband] Robert comes with me when I volunteer – he gets pleasure out of it as he can meet new people, particularly those who have had sudden disabilities, but also he feels part of the volunteering and gets a lot of independence and self-awareness from that,” says Margaret. 

Becoming a carer can be very isolating, stressful and exhausting so the we provide support, advice and respite to enable people to carry on looking after the person they care for.

“Knowing that there is somebody there to help me, that I can ring up if I’m desperate – it feels like a lifeline,” says Margaret.

New volunteers are always welcome, needed and deeply appreciated!

“We are always so grateful and in awe of volunteers who willingly give their time, energy and skills to support our community. We couldn’t do all the things we want to do for carers without them,” says Sonia Hutchison, Carers’ Centre Chief Executive. “We want to make sure their vast contribution is recognised and valued.”

If you would like more information about volunteering at the Carers’ Centre, call 0800 0388 885 or email Volunteering opportunities are listed here: