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New Wellbeing Business Established in Bath Thanks to Carers' Centre

Employment & Training Officer Clive Brooks with Sue Judge

A parent who has become her son's full-time carer has set up her own company thanks to support from the Bath and North east Somerset Carers' Centre.

Sue Judge started Infinite Wellbeing which offers wellness programmes for businesses across Bath and Bristol.

But she does not believe she could have done so without the guidance and encourgament of the Carers' Centre, based on Lower Bristol Road in Bath.

Clive Brooks, employment and training officer at the centre, managed to get Sue back into work after what was a difficult time for the the mum of three.

Sue is a parent carer for her son Tobias who has Asperger's, along with looking after her other two children. She began looking after her own mum in 2014 when she turned ill, meaning she had to give uop her job as a nutritional therapist.

She said: "It's a constant stress that is always there. I can't leave Tobias on his own in the house. Caring for someone is a day in, day out job that doesn't go away and that can be part of why it's so difficult.

"I've found it's an incredibly common theme for people to feel like it's 'just their job' to look after someone – particularly if it's their child and I say to those people that if you don't look after yourself you can't give, you can't pour from a cup which is empty. There is help and support out there.

Clive provided a sounding board and encouraged Sue to network. After a career in the creative industry, Sue found it daunting to enter the corporate sphere but was encouraged by Clive.

Sue added: "Clive has been incredibly helpful and brilliant. He listens, pushes you gently in the right direction, and is encouraging and supportive,' says Sue.

Sue has now met a business partner and started a company called Infinite Wellbeing, which has piloted a wellbeing programme to the Carers' Centre staff and has won a contract to deliver a similar programme to a bank with a staff of 400 people.

Sue said: "I come into the centre in so many different roles – as a carer, a volunteer, a professional – and that's why I'm so passionate about the Carers' Centre as they have helped me develop in all those areas."

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