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Help to Balance Life and Caring

Psychotherapist Bindi Gauntlett (centre) helps carers take time out and look differently at life and caring.

A new workshop brought carers to the Carers’ Centre to share experiences and learn new ways to help manage the emotional impacts of caring. 

Psychotherapist and trainer Bindi Gauntlett from “in8” facilitated the workshop and explained her approach: “We all know how to think, but sometimes need help to use other aspects of our mind, such as imagination and our ability to step back to see the bigger picture. Sometimes, just looking at a situation differently makes you feel a lot better about it.”

“I’m so glad I came along,” said parent carer Jayne Dennett-Lewis. “I’ve made new connections and shared experiences with others who really do know what I am going through”

“I'm taking away techniques to help the relationship I have with the person I care for,” said Chris Craig. “It’s been a big step for me to take some time out for myself, and I’ve gained a better understanding of why people behave the way they do.”

Why not come along to the next Finding the Balance workshop on 1 May at Bath Carers’ Centre? Freephone: 0800 0388 885 to book your free place.