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Happy New Year From Our Young Carers

Young Carers' Team Katy & Steve with Social Work students Lindsay and Charlotte celebrated with young carers aged 5 - 12.

The Carers’ Centre has teamed up with Clayton’s Kitchen at The Porter restaurant to give children and young people who care for a relative the chance to celebrate this New Year. Two parties are being held in the Porter’s stylish basement space for young carers, who often sacrifice normal childhood activities to look after their loved ones.

Lindsay Clay, who works closely with our young carers and attended last week's party, said:

‘The first New Year’s party last Sunday was an amazing experience which provided a warm and friendly environment where the young people were able to catch up and have fun with friends, share experiences and have the opportunity to just be kids. The value children place on these activities is immeasurable.’

Next Sunday, January 18th, older young carers aged 12-18 will have the afternoon to socialise, dance and learn how to make mocktails thanks to The Porter staff donating their time and skills.

The restaurant’s owner, Giles Thomas, gave some insight into why he chooses to support young carers:

 “I am fortunate to have had a fantastic childhood and am also lucky to experience being a father myself.  I now have the opportunity to try and give a young person in Bath a small amount of time to become a child again without having to worry about the stresses of their daily lives. My team and I would like to bring a little bit of festive cheer to others in Bath and I strongly feel we have to support the future generation.”

There are an estimated 4,000 young carers in Bath & North East Somerset, aged 5-25, caring for a family member or friend who is unable to look after themselves.

Young adult carers can be referred or self-refer to the Young Carers’ Service via the Carers’ Centre website

Check out the Porter at their website and on Twitter: @ClaytonsKitch