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Coronavirus Update - June 2020



There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus crisis is making life much harder for thousands of unpaid carers across BaNES.

We know that many are having to care for longer – on average an extra 10 hours of caring each week.

We know that almost all are worried about what will happen to those who rely on them, if they become unwell.

And we know that young carers are finding it particularly hard going.

Over the past 10 weeks we have talked to more than a 1000 carers – providing reassurance and access to trusted information and advice.

If you’re looking after someone and you need to talk, we’re still here for you. Call or email our Support Line.

We can help you with

•     planning for emergencies

•     accessing grants and financial help

•     employment issues

•     Help to look after yourself

•     Support you with using technology

Most importantly – we’re here to listen when you need to talk.

Taking even a short break from caring is vital for mental health and wellbeing.

And despite lockdown meaning our usual group activities have had to stop, we’re still helping to connect carers through virtual Carer Cafes and online activity meet-ups.

For those carers not online, we’ve been sending out activity packs to help provide a focus for breaks from caring.

And we’ve sent every young carer an activity booklet with activities such as colouring and word searches along with space for young carers to explore their feelings and emotional wellbeing.

As a team, we’re now busy working on ways to restart our usual group activities, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Throughout this crisis, there has rightly been a greater appreciation of our NHS and social care workers. We’ve clapped in appreciation.

Sadly, there hasn’t been the same recognition of the contribution made by unpaid carers.

So I’d like to end by saying, on behalf of everyone at the Carers’ Centre – to every carer here in BaNES - thank you for everything you do.

And finally, remember if you need to talk, we’re still here for you.

David Trumper
Chief Exective