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Boost to Health for Local Carers

Community Activators Jane Harvey and Kath Hooper from the Council's Sport and Active Lifestyles Team.

The Big Lottery has awarded funding to the Carers' Centre Bath and North East Somerset to deliver a range of services aimed at improving the health and well being of local carers.

Through the Council's Sport and Active Lifestyles Team, two Carer Community Activators have been recruited to deliver a range of free health checks, provide advice about breaks give one to one support to help carers become more active and take time out for themselves.

“People who are carers tend to put themselves last and are often less healthy than they should be,” said David Trumper, Deputy Chief Executive of the Carers’ Centre. “This programme provides carers with a personalised 30-minute Health Check to help them to understand potential risks and feel confident enough to take the next steps to feeling healthier and fitter – with the support of their Community Activator.”

Jane Harvey and Kath Hooper have been recruited to increase carers’ physical activity through exercise at home or by getting involved in an activity such as an exercise class or walking group. Advice about taking time out from caring either through the Carers’ Centre Give Us A Break programme or with a personal break opportunity is also provided.

“Taking time out from caring is really important to help maintain health and well-being,” added David. “Carers can become lonely, isolated and their health can suffer without a proper break. People providing high levels of care are themselves twice as likely to be sick or disabled. In the UK today, 625,000 people have health problems because of their caring responsibilities and 8 out of 10 carers say that caring has had a negative impact on their physical health.”

If you care for another and need further information or want to book a FREE Health Check, please contact the Carers’ Centre on: 0800 0388 885 or email: