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Getting to Grips with Technology

Now more than ever, technology can be incredibly helpful in supporting our wellbeing. This is only the case, however, if we feel comfortable using it. A big part of that is understanding it.

On this page are a series of links, chosen by our Tech Navigators, that they've found have helped people feel more confident.

If there are any questions you would like to address to our Tech Navigators, about this page or more generally, please phone the support line and ask them to pass on a message. (Our navigators will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.)

Learn My Way is filled with hours of free basic video lessons, ranging from using a mouse and keyboard, to social media to banking and online safety.

You can choose what topics you learn, you can do the lessons as many times as you want, at your own pace with zero pressure. To access this, contact the support line and let them know to pass the message on to our Tech Navigators, who will set you up with an account for free! (You will only need an email address, but the Tech Navigators can assist you with that too if need be.)

This is a link to guides and resources for getting started with social media, video calling, and online hobbies and activities you may find interesting. (You can also follow our Facebook page for lots of new ideas and support.)


Free Tech Support Hotline

Avagio IT Services have kindly offered to assist our carers with an informal technical support hotline. Get assistance with online safety, online shopping, staying connected with friends and family and more.

Please Email
Or Call: 01249 470 148


Using Zoom

Zoom is a video-conferencing tool many people have started using recently to stay in touch. Below are some guides; if it still feels too advanced for you, or you would like support in learning, please contact the Tech Navigators through the support line.

A Verge article explaining how to use Zoom

A YouTube video showing how to join a Zoom meeting.
(Requires sound. Easier, but may still be confusing.
'Click the link' is how you would likely access the Zoom meeting, not necessarily through an Email invite or other method.)

A YouTube video showing how set up a Zoom meeting. (Requires sound. Intermediate difficulty.)


Staying Safe

One of the biggest fears people have is avoiding scams and staying safe online. Here is a link to a Which? Guide with very comprehensive advice on what scams are currently prevailent.

Important note from Cam, one of our Tech Navigators:
"Staying vigilant is important, but as long as you're careful and aware of what to look out for, the benefits of going online far outweigh the risks! Imagine you're walking through a city you aren't very familiar with. If you stick to the popular shops, focus on your own business, and avoid the dark side-streets, you'll most probably stay safe. Surfing the internet is exactly the same."

Take Five - Stop Fraud is another very useful initiative to learn about. Taking the time to think about it can halt most scams!